Measuring and control devices

Kane 958 Commercial Gas Analyser        The Kane 958 Commerc..
Kane 258 Combustion Flue Gas Analyser        The Kane 258 Co..
Compact with a full range of functionsThis is where Wöhler excels: A reasonably priced flue gas anal..
11,900 lei
Ex Tax: 10,000 lei
        The Kane 358 Combustion Flue Gas Analyser with CO se..
4,490 lei
Ex Tax: 3,773 lei
            Truly smart flue gas measure..
12,436 lei
Ex Tax: 10,450 lei
Kane 458s Flue Gas Analyser Standard Kit The Kane 458s Flue Gas Analyser Standard Kit unites the pr..
9,500 lei
Ex Tax: 7,983 lei
Handheld digital oscilloscope, signal generator and multimeter in one!Hantek 2D72 + AWG + DMMEasy-to..
1,195 lei 1,075 lei
Ex Tax: 903 lei
EASYSPLICER OTDR - OverviewEasySplicer OTDR is designed with the basic fiber network insta..
4,950 lei
Ex Tax: 4,160 lei
EASYSPLICER PRO - OverviewEasySplicer Pro is a 4 motor, X/Y core-positioning Fusion Splice..
8,950 lei
Ex Tax: 7,521 lei
Dual pump system for CO sensor ‘over-range’ protectionStructured commissioning testFast printScreen ..
8,318 lei 5,944 lei
Ex Tax: 4,995 lei
Oscilloscope Hantek DSO1102EFive in one: Oscilloscope/Recorder/DMM/FFT Spectrum Analyzer/Frequency C..
3,201 lei
Ex Tax: 2,690 lei
SEWERIN's SNOOPER mini is a sturdy gas leak detector for inspecting accessible gas lines. Overall, g..
Oscilloscope Hantek DSO1122SHigh Bandwidth 120MHz Oscilloscope, 1GS/s sample rate, and 6000 Counts D..
3,082 lei
Ex Tax: 2,590 lei
        4CH oscilloscope, with 1CH Arbitary/function wavefor..
1,773 lei
Ex Tax: 1,490 lei
PC USB Oscilloscope Hantek 6202BEExcellent industrial design-the same anodised aluminium casing as i..
1,726 lei
Ex Tax: 1,450 lei
Intelligent Digital Multimeters UT71D1. Dual backlight LCD screen 40000 count, can set up two analog..
744 lei
Ex Tax: 625 lei
Extech SDL150: Dissolved Oxygen Meter/DataloggerRecords data on an SD card in Excel® formatThe SDL15..
Extech PRC20: Thermocouple CalibratorPrecision Multi-Thermocouple Source/Measure CalibratorThe PRC20..
Oscilloscope Hantek DSO5202P200 MHz bandwidths1GSa/s Real Time sample rateLarge (7.0-inch) color dis..
2,249 lei
Ex Tax: 1,890 lei
3MHz Analog Function Generator with LCD readout with/without Counter, Sweep and AM0.03Hz to 3MHz fre..
2,248 lei
Ex Tax: 1,889 lei
        The TGF3000 series of function/arbitrary generators offers signal genera..
4,576 lei
Ex Tax: 3,845 lei
3MHz Analog Function Generator with LCD readout with/without Counter, Sweep and AM0.03Hz to 3MHz fre..
1,660 lei
Ex Tax: 1,395 lei