2 - 3 weeks KANE CD100A - Combustible Gas Leak Detector

About KANE CD100A - Combustible Gas Leak Detector

  • Detects combustible gas leaks to 50ppm
  • Applications include Petrol / Gasoline, LPG, CNG, Ethanol / Ethyl Alcohol
  • Flexible goose neck with illuminated tip to find awkward leaks
  • Long life sensor provides accurate detection
  • Audio and visual tic rate, fully adjustable, increases as sensor tip approaches leak
  • Rubber sleeve protects detector & probe

This instrument is an advanced combustible gas leak detector, capable of locating many combustible, non combustible and toxic gases. 

A partial list of these gases include: 

Acetone, Jet Fuel, Alcohol, Lacquer Thinners, Ammonia,  Methane, Benzene, Naphtha, Butane, Natural Gas, Ethylene, Propane, Gasoline - Petrol Toluene, Hydrogen, Industrial Solvents

The unit responds to gas with a variable audible ticking sound. The audible tic increases in volume when exposed to gases with 50 parts per million or more. When gas is detected the tick rate will increase, rotate the thumbwheel back to the steady tick, resetting the instrument to this new background level. 

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KANE CD100A - Combustible Gas Leak Detector

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