UNI-T UT181A - True RMS Datalogging Multimeters

About UNI-T UT181A - True RMS Datalogging Multimeters

1. Trend capture function: can be a long time to monitor and record the signal change process and form a trend chart for comparison

2. Higher extended storage 2000 recorded data.

3. Data filtering function: can set upper and lower values of any gear and the measured object is compared, and there is a overproof alarm.

4. Provide more data, multiple readings can be displayed on the screen

5. Double temperature measurement: intuitive and real-time temperature contrast, improve work efficiency

6. Low pass filtering: can be used for the measurement of inverter and motor drives

7. IP65 waterproof, dust should be used for: humid environment and dusty environment.

8. Powered by Li-ion : 2200mAh long endurance capacity do not replace the battery to save the cost of the purchase of battery

9. True RMS

10. 100KHZ AC frequency response

11. 0.025% basic DC accuracy

12. Peak hold function can record fast to 250us transient

13. USB data transmission

14. Design meet IEC EN61010-1 CAT IV 600V/CAT III 1000V over voltage protection, EN61010-2-030 pollution level 2 and double insulation safety etc; wider application range; measurement is more secure, to ensure the safety of personnel and instrumentation.

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UNI-T UT181A - True RMS Datalogging Multimeters

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