2 - 3 weeks Aim-TTi 1604 - 4.75 digit Bench Multimeter

About Aim-TTi 1604 - 4.75 digit Bench Multimeter

  • 40,000 counts, auto/manual ranging
  • Accuracy and resolution, 0.08%, 10µV, 10mΩ
  • Large and bright LED display (14mm/0.56")
  • True RMS AC functions, wide AC bandwidth
  • Frequency measurement
  • Relative, T-Hold and Min-Max functions included
  • Isolated RS-232 interface standard for use with included data-logging software

            The 1604 is a low-cost auto/manual ranging bench-top DMM with a large and bright LED display. It offers 4¾ digit (40,000 count) scale length, true RMS ac measurements, a basic accuracy of 0.08% and a resolution of 10µV, 10m and 0.1µA.

            The 1604 is a robust mains-powered bench-top instrument. Unlike a hand-held multimeter it stays where you put it even with heavy test leads connected. The multi-position tilt stand ensures that the large display is always readable.

            The 1604 incorporates several “smart” functions such as Relative measurement and Minimum-Maximum storage. The T-Hold function enables readings to be held on the  display automatically each time a new test point is probed.

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Aim-TTi 1604 - 4.75 digit Bench Multimeter

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